Coconut Oil: How "Healthy" Is It?


Over the past couple of years or so, coconut oil has made it big time. People are using it in their hair, on their skin, and in just about everything they eat. We're not exactly sure how this became such a major fad, but this fad is not necessarily as "good for you" as people think it is.

The truth about coconut oil? It is about 90% or more saturated fat. What is saturated fat? Is is the bad stuff, the stuff that causes blocked arteries and raises your cholesterol. Coconut oil may even have more saturated fat than butter and lard. 

Coconut oil isn't all bad, though. While it can raise cholesterol levels, it is also raising the levels of good cholesterol (the HDL). Not only that, but it is important to have SOME saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet for things like brain function and immunity.

The point? Once again, consume everything in moderation! Coconut oil has a great taste and a lot of use in cooking. But, don't necessarily use it to replace other oils that may be healthier for you, such as olive oil or sunflower seed oil..