The following services were created to help you be the best version of yourself. Unbeetable Nutrition knows that each person has different needs, and we are here to help you develop healthy habits in order to meet those needs. Together, we will come up with a plan that will help and inspire you to live your best life. 

If you don't believe any of the services below will suit your needs, contact us and we will work together to customize a plan for you!


15 Minute Complimentary Consultation

Unsure of which package to go with? Let’s chat and get to know each other a little better. Tell us your needs and what you hope to accomplish. From here we will discuss the right option for you!

One Session Nutrition Consultation:

This one-on-one 60 minutes nutrition consultation will address your current eating habits, concerns, and questions. (After this conversation) you will leave with pertinent and helpful nutrition tips that will enhance your current lifestyle.


-30 Minute follow-ups available

Four Week Reset:

Have you ever wished you had a personal trainer that focused solely on the food you consume?! In this personalized program we will address your current challenges, goals, and expectations to improve your health.


  • One 60 minute initial consult

  • An analysis of your current diet

  • Personalized, customizable weekly meal plan

  • A timeline for optimal achievement

  • Personalized tips to help you meet your needs and goals

  • Unlimited email support throughout the 4 week program

Personal Grocery Store Tour:

The grocery store can be a daunting place leading to overspending and inefficient use of time. Let us help and shop with you! We’ll travel to your local grocery store and stroll the aisles together as we go through your grocery list. You will learn the right path to take while shopping, how to read misleading food labels, avoid marketing gimmicks, save on healthy items, and decipher those confusing ingredient lists.

Become an informed shopper! Bring a friend and save!

Kitchen Clean Up:

One of the easiest ways to achieve your goals it to have a well stocked kitchen. How much easier would it be to have someone else do this for you? In this session, we will come to your home for 2 hours, assess the food already in your home, and talk about important staples for you and your family based on your needs and goals. Expect to leave with a list of essential grocery items and tools for organization that will keep your fridge and pantry well stocked, you’ll never be stranded without a meal!

For the Littles in your Life:

How many of you forget to pack your child's lunch and are scrambling to throw something together late at night? Or are stuck with picky eaters and resort to serving mac n’ cheese a good portion of the week? Let us help you with the struggles of toddler eating, making it easy to serve your children with nutritious and delicious meals. Here are some of our services:

  • Toddler lunchbox prep/ideas

  • Snack ideas/recipes

  • Mealtime strategies- get those veggies in!

  • Personalized needs based on your little

Our services don’t end here….What about a private cooking class? Meal Prep help?! A night out with friends enjoying wine while we help/teach you cooking techniques? Let’s talk!


Note: Unbeetable Nutrition's services are not meant to treat any medical conditions. Please contact your doctor before making any changes to your current routine.